My Concerns

I am concerned about saving the SRHS pension plan. The pension plan was promised to the employees and the employees worked for years for this pension plan.  The retirees and current employees have more than earned the pension plan they were promised. Termination of the plan should have never been a consideration to fix the financial issues SRHS has been facing since 2010. I also want to insure that people know what happened to the money that was supposed to go into the pension plan, and understand why the hospital system is in financial trouble.

I intend to insure that the people of Jackson County have a voice in local government. The people need to be able to share what they think needs to be done, ask questions and receive answers at Board Meetings. The Supervisors need to remember that they are working for the citizens of Jackson County.

The roads in Jackson County and in much of South Mississippi, face extreme weather from time to time. As such these roads need regular maintenance and for regular maintenance consistent and adequate funding is required. 

For there to be a strong Democracy there needs to be transparency in government. I intend to release more information about the Board of Supervisor meetings and place a more detailed account of the meetings on the Board of Supervisor website. I would work towards cutting down on the usage of executive sessions.

Promoting energy independence for Jackson County through renewable energy sources, means working to invest in the future of Jackson County. Renewable energy sources like solar and wind power, would remove our dependence on foreign oil and our dependence on fossil fuels which pollute the air we breath and the water we drink.

Education is necessary for a strong and healthy economy and Democracy. As Supervisor I would work toward adequately funding education and insuring the students of Jackson County schools are receiving a good education that prepares them for the world. A well educated workforce is what attracts employers. I want to encourage tech industries to locate in our county and other business that offer high paying jobs, by having a well educated work force.

Medicaid expansion is something that is needed. Why? Because the Federal government did not realize states would reject the expansion of Medicaid. Medicaid expansion was suppose to make up for the Federal government no longer reimbursing hospitals for providing care for those who were unable to pay. This Federal program was terminated, and the States that received extensions will see them ending soon, leaving hospitals in states that refused to expand Medicaid, in financial trouble. Hospitals are obligated to provide life saving medical care to those in need, regardless of their ability to pay.

I would like to see residential and small business property taxes lowered.

The over population of dogs and cats in our area is a concern for many of our citizens who try to care for these unwanted animals. I would like to establish TNR programs for feral cat colonies and low cost spay and neuter programs for the low income residents of our County, modeled after the successful program the Humane Society of South Mississippi has been able to implement in Harrison County.

I want to promote the Mississippi Sandhill Crane Refuge, the Pascagoula River Audubon Society, Gulf Coast National Seashore, DeSoto National Forrest and our lovely beaches, to tourist. Eco-tourism is becoming an economic force and Jackson County has been blessed with natural resources that will allow us to become a tourist destination for tourist who wish to experience nature on their vacations. Ocean Springs and surrounding areas also have much to offer culturally to tourist and we should be promoting Jackson County to the best of our ability.

Hurricane Katrina caught many of us off guard. I want to insure that Jackson County has long range plans for natural disasters and can respond to the needs of our citizens if a natural catastrophe occurs.

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